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Meditation Exercise for Resurrection

In The way of the heart on July 20, 2010 at 4:39 pm
Meditation Exercise and Practise no. 1
We are often aware that we are trying to facilitate change for ourselves. We are also often acutely aware that something within has to die. It may even feel like a mask that has to be peeled away; an outer container that has to be broken through in order for the chrysalis to transform into a butterfly. But we are not always conscious of the next step that we are required to take. Remember, that you will be asked to go through this process many times in your life and there are seven major initiatory passages through which you will have to find your way. And the way through is by letting go, allowing the dissolution to take place, before the resurrection and re-birth can become a reality.
There is only today and the present moment, but we choose to hold on to our stories and to our history. We choose to carry over the hurts and the resentments and make it part of our identity. But the immortal, timeless self has no history and no baggage. The timeless eternal self knows how to find the freedom and the divine bliss and your body and brain is wired to facilitate this journey!! So, walk with me, enter through the gates and follow the river that flows to the ocean of bliss.
The personal self does not exist. It is a conglomeration of stories and ideas, concepts and beliefs, which can change in the blink of an eye. It takes great courage to practise the acceptance that you do not exist and therefore that none of your personal accomplishments are important. The human mind has been conditioned into attachment, but as the Buddha discovered, attachment leads to suffering.
The following is a very powerful tool and exercise to facilitate the unclothing of the self and the dismantling of the constructions that you have erected around your true nature. It will help you to release the grip of subconscious beliefs and limiting thoughts, if you practise this regularly. It is a gentle, expanding meditation, that will prepare the way for deeper processes (to follow).
Sit down and prepare for meditation.
Set the alarm for twenty minutes.
Quieten your mind and take a few deep breaths.
Now turn your attention inwards.
Be with yourself both in mind and heart, i.e. in your thoughts and feelings.
Regard yourself as a completely new person and being. Your history no longer exists. Let it go. Let it flow from you. Allow it to peel away from your energy field. Relax even deeper.
Everything that you have done, that you have achieved, no longer exists. Let it go. Let it flow from you. Let it go, let it go. Your past is not you. Your past no longer exists. Let it go. Allow it to leave your energy field. Feel the emptiness that is being created. None of the decisions and choices that you have made up till now, is valid. You are in the present moment. There is only the present moment. It is empty and void. You are in the void. You are the void. Experience yourself and the absolute complete emptiness. Maintain your focus and awareness on the nothingness. Remain with the no-thing. Breathe the no-thing. Be the no-thing.
Stay in this space of awareness of nothing as long as you can. It may take a few practise sessions to fully relax into the acceptance that your past no longer exists. Observe your own thoughts and feelings, and continue to let go, let go, let go. This practise will take its own form and become your own personal experience and journey.
Remember, we never step into the same river twice.
blessings on your journey
  1. Profound.Gratitude to these words. It makes me feel free, bountiful and endless. I salute you.

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