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The divine child within

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2010 at 7:52 am

Each human being has their own pain – a pain and ‘wound’ that is unique to them because of their own unique experiences.  These wounds were received by the inner child.  You very seldom truly connect with and live with cognisence of the inner child and the inner child remains mostly unknown to you.  You mainly act from the inner ‘parent’, the assertive, self-assured self and therefore very few people and experiences truly touch you deeply within your inner child.  And those who did touch you deeply, in this most open place, the dwelling of the Christ self, became part of your identity – you believed that you needed them, that you are dependent on them (mainly in early childhood) and when they betray you or abandon you, you identify with that loss.  This may also happen later in life again, when you open yourself completely up to another, in trust and faith, looking for nurturing or even spiritual guidance and when someone does, you are overwhelmed by the experience of becoming aware of this incredibly vulnerable self which is also pure love.  But it is precisely these experiences that will call you back to your deepest centre and make you aware of your inner child, the divine Christ child within.

The inner child, symbolically seen as the lamb, is often denied or rejected, as it holds the pain of the wounding.  And so we live from the lion self – the parent, or the assertive, powerful self.  The art of spiritual living is to let your lion and lamb lie together.  To stand strong in your vulnerability and to live from the depths of God’s Presence within yourself.

Know yourself, know both your lion and lamb and then set about merging these two.  Be aware of the deep churning within, the turbulent river, and set out each day, anchored to the deep Presence Within.

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