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The Great Mother Speaks

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The Great Mother Speaks

I, who Am Her, She whom is known by many names. I have always been with you and I always shall be with you. I am known as the Living Body of Light, Kundalini, Shekinah, Shakty, Ma! I vibrate, I move, I resonate. Come to know Me and Know Thyself. Hear my voice and see my Presence – in and through the physical body.

The physical body is your vehicle to Self-Realisation and Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness exists in each and every human being, but it needs to be accessed. The most powerful way to access this luminous state of being, is thenatural way – the way of the body and the heart!
Through all ages, the body and its senses have been vilified and demonized. It is present in your history, in your vocabulary, in your art and culture. Have you ever considered the archetypal names, such as Eve (a small step away from evil) and Devi (one consonant away from devil) – a sure way of separating you from your bliss and complete experience as a spiritual human being and limiting you to the hell of an archetypal existence. All pleasure and enjoyable states of experience and being have been condemned as impure and unholy, thus ensuring a lifetime of imprisonment in the cold dark jail cell of a judgemental and puritanical mind.
The soul cannot incarnate without a body. You have to ask yourself why would the soul choose to experience existence through a body, when it is already experiencing consciousness through an energy field? Why would it choose a body with senses with the capability and capacity for incredible joy, pleasure and giving and receiving love and then immediately start to suppress, deny and eradicate this body and its senses? Why would it choose to enter existence and then immediately deny existence?
Existence is here and now – present in the physical. When the self becomes absorbed in the One, there is no longer existence. The body is only present in existence and the Soul has the power to manifest through the body into existence. Why forsake all of this creativity, fecundity and abundance in a quest for purification as dictated by the wasteland of the mind?
Words have power and this power have been abused and is still being abused in the power play of humans. The game is about possession – possession of power over one another; possession of one another’s bodies, freedom, feelings and ultimately possession of another’s soul.
It is easy to play with words and to distort the original meaning, thus leading to confusion. The greatest enemy of the Soul, is the razor sharp self-doubt of the mind. A well-known saying is ‘divide and conquer’ – a divided mind is easy to conquer. You can spend a lifetime lost in trying to understand; trying to unravel the Mystery; trying to fix yourself and making yourself fit or not fit into a man-made model of philosophy, psychology or any of the thousands of belief systems available to the mind.
Or you can choose the way of the heart and the body. Not the heart as specified by the mind, but the True Heart, the one that resonates and vibrates in your body, in your Shakty.
Become aware of the body. Become aware of its senses. Those senses are available to you
Become watchful and observant. Observe your body. Become aware of every movement, every gesture, every receptive sense. Through awareness, the miracles will happen. You will become aware of a greater resonance, a harmony, an inner song in your body. One that lives independently from you, the self created by the analysing mind. As you learn to relax into this awareness, the body will start to relax and the senses will open wider. You will find a great sense of ease and beauty seeping from your body.
Then expand this awareness to your thoughts. Pay attention to everything that goes through your mind. And you will become aware of the watching Self. You will see that these thoughts rise and fall, without any effort from you, without you making these thoughts happen. and you will see how irrelevant most of these thoughts are and how chaotic! As you become aware of these thoughts, you will notice that they become less and less. Through your awareness, you are shifting your presence elsewhere. But that is still part of the mystery. Slowly but surely, peace will start to settle in your mind as the thoughts start to dissipate.
Now you will find that your body and mind are both at peace. They have come to a quiet place; a sacred space created by your sacred awareness.
Now you are ready for the third step : become aware of your emotions and feelings. This will take more concentration and require that more of you come into the present moment. Feelings are very subtle and your mind have been hiding true feelings behind many masks. Now you can uncover these masks through your awareness.
As the masks start to dissolve, you will enter into an even greater peace – you will be able to let go of the control and the resistance as there is nothing for the mind to defend anymore. When you are aware of your true feelings, there is nothing for the mind to hide from you anywhere. And you will become aware of the emptiness within. A vast full emptiness.

And then, when all three these are fused into one, the fourth awareness will take place by itself.
The ultimate awareness of yourself as pure awareness. This awareness is fully awake and in bliss and this bliss is available in the physical body and heart at all times.
See that you have not ‘done’ anything. You did not make anything happen. You merely brought your awareness into existence. You brought existence into being by shining your Light onto it. I Am the Living Organic Light. I am in you, a passive potential force that, when awakened, will release you from the sleep of the dead and into Life, awake and aware!
The keywords are attitude and awareness. If your attitude is one of trust in me, your Great Mother, then you will allow the unfolding of the Organic Light in a carefree and joyful way. You will trust yourself enough to allow yourself to make seeming mistakes whilst at the same time knowing that everything serves. That which appears like a mistake to the mind, has a cardinal role to play in your experience and understanding. You will allow yourself to be present in both the pain and the pleasure – these are two sides of the same coin and there is no line between pain and pleasure. It is only the mind that perceives duality and separation. The body and the heart makes no distinction and does not create separately from the Whole.
I am not separate from the Whole. Although I am speaking to you from my feminine aspect, I am both, He and She, within and without, Shakty and Shiva, inseparable.



Inner Critic : Judge, Jury and Sentenced : verdict guilty!

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When you have come to know and be aware of the inner critic, you can become its master and it can serve you.  It can become your inner radar and it can help to guide you when you are off-track.  But in order for that to happen, you need to be aware of and know your inner critic – otherwise it will be your master and jailer!

via Inner Critic : Judge, Jury and Sentenced : verdict guilty!.

Inner Critic : Judge, Jury and Sentenced : verdict guilty!

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The Critical Inner self, or the Inner Judge, is the one voice and aspect of the shadow self, that is at the core of personal stress.  It is this voice that people try to drown through entertainment, drugs, food, and other means of escape.  Most of the courses of action taken are really coping mechanisms in trying to acquire peace within or just to live with the inner critic.

It is an insidious and at times hard to detect, relentless inner voice which eventually leads to your full submission to its will.  This voice may be a combination of internalised voices, such as those of parents or other authority figures.  It often also includes anger and rage which has been turned inward, instead of being directed at the person responsible, and a few other cases which I will discuss below.

It is important to understand that the inner critic was created to protect you from SHAME.  This makes it very difficult to discern and to overcome the critic, as at its core is your deepest fear.  So it serves you and it has served you when you felt humiliated or scorned by another; mostly by parents or other authority figures or your peers.

When you have come to know and be aware of the inner critic, you can become its master and it can serve you.  It can become your inner radar and it can help to guide you when you are off-track.  But in order for that to happen, you need to be aware of and know your inner critic – otherwise it will be your master and jailer!

The inner critic is present in the negative inner voice and also in the inner judge : that part of yourself that makes the rules by which you should live. It is a very cruel and self-deprecating voice and it assumes many guises and roles within and this makes it often quite difficult to detect and pin point. However,   if  you pay attention to this voice long enough, you will notice that it never offers a solution or a way out.  It creates a deep ‘groove’ in your mental pattern and eventually it creates a neural pathway and soon enough, this  becomes your comfort zone – without you realising that this is happening.

It is not heard as a separate voice in your head, but often as a train of thoughts that comments continuously on every action that you take.  During this train of thought it casually and relentlessly puts you down and sabotages your successes.

The inner critic and judge is the one that is creating your anxiety.  It tells you when to worry and what to worry about and believe it or not, you can become addicted to this critical self.  High achievers and goal oriented personality types often use this inner critic as a motivating tool – not through the proverbial carrot in this case, but with the use of a whip!

Often you are placing too much pressure on yourself and your expectations are too high.  In effect, you are setting yourself up to become an easy target and prey to the inner critic.  As in all aspects of the personal self, the inner critic has to be identified and eventually mastered!

It is normal to have concerns about your life and all its aspects and relationships and I am not a believer in transcendence myself nor the New Age adage that all is well and therefore I need do nothing or this is only an illusion, so why should I care.  True spirituality is passionate, grounded, compassionate and present and free from the negative inner voice!

A powerful way of confronting and challenging the inner critic is through
the witnessing self and through the simple question : “Says who?”.

The inner critic is based and rooted in your perceptions.  This is why it is often so powerful to verbalise it towards someone who is supporting you in your quest to overcome the inner critic, as the other person will probably not share your perception and will be able to show you that it is possible to drop that belief system.

However, due to our vibrational resonance with others, we are attracted to those who share our perceptions, belief systems and yes, also the inner critic.  In the beginning of the relationship (and this can be any relationship and often experienced in a teacher/student or guru/disciple relationship) it is all ‘love and light’ and then the dark teacher will appear in the form of the one who awakens your inner critic.  This is a very vulnerable stage of the relationship and also of inner growth and development.  If the teacher/guide/therapist has not overcome enough of his/her inner critic, the vulnerable seeker will be open to manipulation and being taken advantage of and often abused.  Because of the seeker’s own wounding and limited perception, it will be almost impossible to discern and distinguish the dark play. Often this results in an incredible surge and intensification of the seeker’s inner critic and he/she gets sucked deeper into the quagmire of religion or dogma, thus being kept prisoner by his or her own assumed guilt!

When the pain becomes unbearable, the seeker may wake up to this self-abuse and abuse at the hands of another or he/she may try to break the pattern and eventually wake up to the truth.  (or of course there is always the third choice : he/she may move into denial and continue to assume the inner role of victim or martyr).


1. Learn to identify your inner selves and their voices.  Here are some guidelines :

– in which situations does it arise?

– which of your actions make it speak up more loudly?

– what does it tell you about yourself and every aspect of your life?

– does this voice sound mean and angry? does it attack you directly with cruel and demeaning statements about yourself and your actions? (you are not a likeable person; you are so envious/judgemental/selfish)

– or does it trick you with a soft, gentle and self-soothing voice encouraging you to self-indulge and always encouraging you in your self-sabotaging ways? (do not worry, you will be fine – no need to listen to others and their comments – they are just nasty, or jealous – have that second piece of cake, no need to starve yourself)

The inner critic seduces you into acting against your goals and then punishes you when you do so; in fact, for the very action that it encouraged you to take.

2. Witness the inner critic

Keep a notebook with you and write down the voice and statements of the inner critic that you hear and are aware of.  Then turn these statements into ones ‘outside’ of yourself by making them into sentences starting with ‘you’.  For instance, you are such a nasty piece of work.

Then read these sentences and understand that you cannot possible thrive with this voice present.

3.  Let go of the guilt

The first action to take to let go of this sadistic enemy within, is to let go of the guilt.  The inner critic and judge feeds off the guilt.  you will notice the presence of a god that judges in all religions – this is the ultimate projected and personified inner critic and judge.  So, let go of the guilt!

In the words of A Course In Miracles :  you did not create yourself.  You did not create your personality type, choose your genetic tendencies, placed yourself in your early life experiences – how can you therefore assume responsibility and guilt for your own creation.

Secondly, these statements are not true facts about who you are – so set into motion a process of changing those belief systems, find the tools to help you change your perceptions!

4.  Start to react and come from a more loving and compassionate place within yourself

You can counter act these vicious statements with positive affirmations or statements of your true beliefs and especially through the conviction of your faith in a benevolent inner Self.

Take those same negative statements and write them down as positive statements.  Use these continuously.  Stick them where you can see them.  Do not try to transcend this negativity within yourself.  That will be the next step.  First you have to tilt the balance of the scales from negative to positive.  You may find it unrealistic and irritating to be repeating only the positive, but it is a process, go with it.

You will also find that the inner critic will retaliate by trying to drown out the positive voice.  You can remind yourself that that which you feed, grows.  So now when you start to starve this negative voice, it will get angry and hungry and it will demand to be fed.  Just keep on ignoring it and eventually it will die off – in other words, do not give it energy.

5. Actions

Your most powerful ally in this war between yourself and the inner critic and judge is your actions.  The inner critic is a coward and a bully.  It preys on your weaknesses and your most negative and self-deprecating beliefs. It enters the place of pain where you are at your most weakest.  But when you stand up to it, confront it and act in accordance with your goal, DESPITE its roaring and thrashing, it will slink away and its negative thought processes will disappear!

6.  Meditation

Meditation and sadhana (spiritual practise) is the short cut to healing the inner critic.  The ultimate focus of spiritual practise is to become immersed in the Living Organic Light, that which encompasses all and is not fragmented by the duality.  Spending time in meditation purifies and cleanses the mind of these negative ‘tracks’ and the higher vibrational energy that you access within yourSelf, purifes the neural pathways and nadi in the brain and the emotional and physical and energetic bodies.  As the system becomes purified, the inner negative ego loses its grip and influence and it becomes easier to consciously withstand the negative self.

And ultimately the goal is to awaken the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Kundalini or Shakty within.  As She awakens and rises to meet Her Beloved, the work really gets done for you!

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