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The Silent Heart Diksha

In Diksha, divine feminine, Messages on January 21, 2011 at 9:45 am

You have direct access to the Divine within.  This is your birthright. All minds are One and sharing in the presence of a mind that has opened up, you are strengthened in your own journey to Awakening.

Various diksha are given by the Masters and Beings of Light.  These beings are experienced as Consciousnesses rather than individuals with personalities.  Each one of these Consciousnesses support you through the various stages of your unfoldment.

Diksha is the transference of spiritual energy.  This usually takes place from a teacher/guru in a specific tradition to an initiate.  There are various forms of Diksha and different  ways in which Diksha can be received, ie through touch, sight, word or mantra, ritual or ceremony.

The word is derived from the Sanskrit root dā (“to give”) plus ki (“to destroy”) or alternately from the verb root dīk (“to consecrate”).

Vishnu Yamala (tantra) says: “The process that bestows divyam jnanam (transcendental, spiritual knowledge) and destroys sin (pāpa), the seed of sin and ignorance, is called diksha by the spiritual persons who have seen the Truth (desikais tattva-kovidaih)

Different traditions and sects treat diksa in various ways. Tantra mentions five types of initiation or diksa: initiation by a ritual or samaya-diksa; sparsa-diksa is an initiation by touch and is done without a ritual; vag-diksa is done by word or mantra; sambhavi-diksa is arising from perception of external appearance of the guru; mano-diksa is when initiation is performed in the mind

The Silent Heart diksha flows from Mother Mary, Guardian of the Sacred Heart and Gatekeeper of the Feminine Christ Energy.

It has the power to release trauma, physical, mental and emotional.  The energies flow directly to the physical heart and heart chakra.  It often brings  many emotional openings to the receiver and a heightened emotional state is experienced for a while.  As part of this opening up, the receiver feels everything more intensely, the numbed down layers are activated and opened up and this may feel chaotic and like emotional turmoil.  But in truth, this is a very deep and profound healing as we are meant to feel.  We have been conditioned in becoming emotionally numb and this leads to a deep state of isolation, loneliness and desperate feelings of being separate from your Source and Divine Self. You need to feel in order to heal.  Being in touch with the Divine Feminine and the Feminine Christ means that you are aware of the mortality of this physical life; that you have empathy with others, tolerance and deep compassion.  The Silent Heart Diksha will enable you to find true acceptance for your own personal self and its archetypal journey into the Self.

The Silent/Healing Heart Diksha will release emotional pain, release anger and resentment and purify the energy system.  It brings deep healing to the physical heart and the physical body as a whole.  It has powerful grounding energies and bring you into your core and into your connection with Mother Earth and your own Spirit.


Sit comfortably and quieten your mind.  Visualise the image of Mother Mary in your mind’s eye. You may want to create a small altar with her image,  incence and fresh flowers. Or you can use the image below.


Call on Her presence.  ‘Oh Divine Mother, please come to me;  bless me with your Presence and reveal yourself’.  You may become aware of a colour, a sensation or a strong rush of emotion.  Allow, allow, allow.  You may want to stay in the awareness of her Grace for a few moments before continueing.

‘Oh Divine Mother, by the power of Love vested in you and in myself, I ask to receive the Silent Heart Diksha.  I am willing to open my heart and mind to receive this healing and I am willing to allow the healing and transformation to take place day by day.  Thank you thank you thank you. Jai Maa! So Be It’

Stay in this energy for 15 to 20 minutes until you feel the energies dissipate.  It is best to lie down for a short while afterwards and also to drink a glass of water.  You may keep a glass of water with you when you follow up with the Silent Heart Meditation.  You can drink this water yourself or give to others in need of healing or peace.



After having received the Diksha into your energy, follow up for the next 7 days daily and continue regularly with this specific meditation to deepen the energies and whenever you feel in need of Her Presence, Grace and Peace.

Sit comfortably and become aware of your breath.  Be aware of your natural rhythm of breathing and do not control or manipulate the breath.  Keep the focus on the breath for a while till you feel grounded and centred.

Set the intent through saying the following words :

By the Grace of the Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine Christ, I have received the Silent Healing Heart Diksha.  I now immerse myself and my consciousness deeply into the Presence and allow myself to receive the complete healing.  Thank you thank you thank you and so be it.

Then focus on surrendering the personal self.  As you turn your attention inwards, focus on the heart chakra and continue to breath normally.  Immerse yourself deeper and deeper, more and more inward, consciously renouncing your senses and your attachment to the personal self and your life and all its activities and objects.  Take it slowly.  Allow the process to take place in its own time.  Keep on focusing on bringing the attention back to the physical heart and renouncing.  You may use the mantra as follows :

Divine Mother

I renounce my self, I renounce my all

I renounce, I renounce all to you.

Or you can create your own mantra or prayer.  The focus here is to surrender, to renounce, to sacrifice and to let go of.  In the beginning, the mind may resist, but with practise this will become easier and more effortless.

Should strong emotions and tears follow, allow these to flow and then bring the focus and awareness back to the heart chakra and return to the process.






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