Hettienne Ma

The Ecstatic Experience of God is attainable here and now

Never underestimate God and God’s Love for you. Allow yourself to visualise and contemplate the most loving outcome of any situation. Allow yourself the freedom of staying detached; of not holding on so tightly to your way of seeing things.

Allow yourself to let go of the way that you define yourself, your beliefs and the world and let God surprise you!

Ecstasy, radiance, peace, love and God is not something that you have to work for, strive for or to escape to. It is here, with you, under your skin, in your breath, in your senses, in your heart, present at all times.

It is the expectation, the anticipation, the belief that it is OUT THERE, something spectacular, something beyond your reach, something so much more than yourself, that sets you up for disappointment and becoming stuck in the projected reality of the mind.

In truth, You are so much less than what the mind believes. You are such purity, such miniscule Presence, which encompasses everything, that it is beyond the understanding of the mind and beyond explanation. The ego mind and personality cannot express the Radiance of your True Self. When it tries to become that or to emulate that, it obscures the truth and that is when it starts to believe that it is not enough.

It is the ego-mind’s need for superiority and to own and proclaim, that it creates the hierarchy in spiritual tradition and practise and that it therefore idolizes others into a system of saints, gurus, masters, enlightened ones and more. The ego-mind wants you to believe that what you are and what you are experiencing is not good enough and that there is more our there (its greed) and that there should be a better reality, a grander experience for you. That you should be completely free from the earthly experience and its opposites and thus starts a perceived ‘ladder’ of spiritual growth and signs and manifestations of enlightenment.

But the truth is that every person’s journey is a unique and individual one. Inherently, we are all One and we are all immersed in the same experience on earth. Each and every person has access to his or her own inner voice and his or her own inner experience – one which no-one else is privy to. You have the map and the tools, inscribed on your soul, to detect, follow and understand your own journey and purpose – a purpose unlike any other. Therefore, there is no standard sadhana, practise, path or tradition that will fit you like a glove. There is no ‘one fits all’ template for the spiritual journey or for life itself. Each soul is a radiant aspect of the One, with its own specific tone, colour, desire and way of embodying the Love.

And furthermore, every human being, no matter where they are on their personal journey of living their own Highest Truth and Heart’s desires, are still dealing with their ego-mind and the practicalities and reality of their own personal challenges.

When Jesus, a Christed being, was facing his last hours before the crucifixion, he prayed to his divine father to take the bitter cup away from him – to release him from his dharma. And many times in his earthly life, he was faced with the temptations of Satan, symbolising his own mental struggles with the ego-mind. And this after he had spoken and taught with absolute conviction and faith as a young boy already and also after having performed many miracles. This shows you, in a large, illumined way that no-one is exempt from the rigours and challenges of earthly life.

So know that you cannot escape your mind, nor its demands and its desires, BUT you do have to power to set yourself free.

The ancient ego-mind has always existed and it cannot change – nor can you change it. When you realise this and you stop trying to improve the mind, but realise that you are not your mind, you can become free.

Freedom through love is attainable through conscious action.

This is possible and attainable, step by step. No-one can take your bitter cup away from you. But know, in that bitter cup lies your ‘salvation’, your cure for your particular ‘ailment’. By drinking your bitter cup, you will be drinking the cure of your own sickness and through living your own personal mystery and quest, Love will dissolve all the layers of the veil.

At first it takes a lot of effort, energy, commitment and focus as you have to break the addictions of the mind and senses. Your addictions are your neural wiring looking for the ecstatic experience of God, that of true intimacy with yourself and your deepest Inner Christ Self, the Self unencumbered by the mind. As you feed the Heart within, by recognising its Holy Desires and gearing your life towards fulfilling those desires, the Heart starts to fill with feelings of satisfaction, joy, being nurtured, supported and being loved. This can be achieved through self-care. Breaking through the barriers of self-judgement, self-neglect and self-rejection and embracing positive loving self-talk, taking care of emotional pain, finding help and support for the physical imbalances and connecting to the Divine Feminine, through the body and your connection to the Earth.

The ego in conjunction with the senses, set you up for failure and self-rejection by polarising all experiences.

Instead of staying with and experiencing the tension of the opposites, it absorbs you into one of the polar opposites. You become entangled in the ‘ecstasy’, be it positive or negative, of the experience. But as you become entangled in either of the poles, it creates a vacuum on its opposite pole, and soon you will find yourself being pulled towards the opposite of the current experience.

Often, you can become so deeply entangled and involved in one of the poles, that it can take years and a major crises to set you free again. This can be that you experience life from only the negative (resentment, self-pity and depression) or only the positive (ungrounded, blissfully ignorant head space). So it is to let go of the tension or attachment to either of the poles and to surrender!

To allow your boat to travel down the river, steered by the divine boatsman, and to allow yourself to experience what is available to you right now, in the present, where you are, despite your circumstances. The tension within you can only exist as long as you strive and as long as you plug into the ego mind of competitiveness, envy, greed, lust, comparison and idealism. All of these archetypes of the ego mind exists at all times and when you give in to their presence, you become their fodder and you feed their life force at the cost of your own direct experience which is there, available to you. The ego-mind creates this ‘veil’, but when you no longer give in to these actions and demands, you become clean of that addiction and new neural pathways are created in your brain and your wiring changes.

When you stop looking elsewhere and to others, and you accept that you are perfect, right now, you will immediately start to experience a sense of peace. In order to maintain this sense of peace, you have to steep yourself deeper into faith and acceptance that everything is as it should be at all times – that you never made a mistake; that you never went astray, you were never lost : God has always been there, in your breath, in your blood, in the beat of your heart, in your eyes, witnessing and observing everything at all times.

The more you engage in dualistic behaviour, the more you create the tension, anticipating the self-created high and the deeper you become entrenched in the swing between high and low and the thicker the veil of disbelief and blind ignorance becomes.

Never underestimate God and God’s love for you.

Allow yourself to visualise and contemplate the most Loving outcome of any situation. Allow yourself the freedom of staying detached and of not holding on so tightly to your way of seeing things. Allow yourself to let go of the way in which you define yourself, your beliefs and the world and let God surprise you!

When you give your power away to the idea of love or how love should be or should not be, you are stuck in ignorance. Ignorance blocks the ecstatic experience of the Soul. The Soul only wants Truth as this is Its true nature. The mind does not know Truth and will try to prevent you from expanding. Through discernment and awareness, you can come to know your own mind and you can recognize when it is proclaiming itself to be ‘god’. The mind does not like change; the Soul always brings change; the mind is inflexible and rigid; the Soul is fluid and accommodating; the mind wants to control; the Soul/Love will set free and liberate; the mind and its ignorance will always keep you looking to outside of yourself, and Love (Soul/God) will always point you within.

Basic meditations to access  Ecstasy Within

1. Meditation with the chakra of the Divine Feminine.

Below the feet is the chakra of the Divine Feminine. This chakra connects to the energy grid of the Earth which is the embodiment of the Living Organic (Christ) Light. It is very important to connect to this chakra and to the Wisdom of the Feminine Christ. It is indeed one of the gateways to the Ecstatic. When connecting to this chakra, we can access our deepest roots and bring our highest selves into full presence. It will bring healing to the physical, emotional and mental bodies. The chakras in the soles of your feet connect into Her energy.

A very simple meditation that you can do anywhere, anytime and it will bring you into deeper resonance with that which exists beyond the mind : radiant ecstasy and peace.

Stand or sit barefoot on the earth. Breath down deeply through the soles of the feet. Visualise the pool of light beneath you and in the Earth. See the web of life growing out into the Earth and all those beings on her surface. Pray to the Divine Feminine, Goddess, Mother Divine or Gaia and ask to experience and to become aware of your connection to Her. Ask her to gift you with Her connection and then offer your love and service to Her. Allow Her to guide you as you walk the Earth.

2. Meditation of the Sacred Heart (as received from Mother Mary)

Bring your full focus on to the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is situated just below the physical heart, above the diaphragm. Enter into this space, deeper and deeper. Allow your life to drop away. Consciously surrender and renounce your attachments, your activities, your desires, your life. Consciously surrender and renounce your mind and eventually even your breath. Allow everything to dissolve into the brilliant black light within the Sacred Heart. Enter into the embrace of absolute selflessness and allow the void within to absorb you, deeper with each meditation.


1. Meditation and Diksha of the Blue Cloak given by Mother Mary

Visualise or become aware of the presence of Mother Mary.

Visualise Her Blue Cloak of Protection.

Ask her to grace you with the diksha of the Blue Cloak of Protection.

Allow yourself to receive the energy and see/sense/visualise the Blue Cloak encircling your body. It covers your entire body down to the toes. The hood slips over your head and the two front seams meet down the length of your body.

Spend time, experiencing the energy of the Blue Cloak and take it with you, in your energy field.

We thank you, Beloved Mother Mary, for this powerful and divine gift.

You are invited to share these meditations and gifts with others.


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